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6.22.2001 -I am so bad at writing html. Look how long it took me to update this site. Yet, this most recent update is a big one. I have created a whole section for those who do not like Frames. It's in the Non-Frames section. I also worked out some little bugs. I have found with the site. Now since I have created this whole section and am done with it.

10.18.2000 -As you probably can tell I updated the opening page of the website. I forgot to mention that the polls for Best Phantom are going to close on Halloween so hurry up and get your vote in before they close.

10.06.2000-I added a new section called, "Poll."  Take the poll and voice your opinion.  I also changed the way the Guestbook looked.  Stay tuned more updates to come. . o O (maybe that libretto thingy?)