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All images that are sent to for the purpose of displaying on this website are to adhear to the following conditions.

1. The photo must be new to this site.
2. It is prefered that the photos not be submitted annoynomously
3. Don't send images without including a little bit of information as to what the image is.
4. Check the Image Library to see if your photo isn't already on the website.
If your going to include text on your image here are some things to follow.
5. Text on the image must not distract the viewer. It should be simple and off to one side or at the top or bottom.
6. Text on the image must be a website link.
7. That website must be yours.

It will take about a week before your photo will appear on the website. You'll also receive a response as to whether or not your photo was accepted or if you'll need to submit more information.